Although many companies are run entirely online these days, there are still plenty of business owners who rely on brick and mortar locations to serve their customers. Commercial buildings can be expensive to purchase or lease and maintain. However, by carefully investing in the right upgrades, you can actually reduce your overhead while limiting your future liability. An upgrade to sprayed cork can be both cost-effective and appealing to customers.

Sprayed cork is appropriate for all types of commercial buildings.

For commercial buildings that are client-facing, aesthetic appeal is a major factor. For commercial buildings that are primarily industrial, functionality is the primary concern. Sprayed cork is both functional and aesthetically appealing, making it the application of choice for business owners. It also works well for apartment buildings!

An upgrade to sprayed cork can lower your overhead.

There’s a good chance that you’re always on the lookout for ways of reducing your overhead, even when sales are strong. In commercial buildings, one of the major expenses is heating and cooling costs. If you suspect that your current insulation is no longer effective, it’s time to take a closer look at sprayed cork.

Cork is a natural thermal barrier that inhibits the transfer of heat. This is thanks to its alveolar structure, lack of conductivity, and low water content. In other words, it keeps buildings cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Of course, this will help to keep your employees, customers, or tenants comfortable and happy. However, there’s another way that sprayed cork can reduce your overhead. The use of sprayed cork can insulate your building so well that it can reduce the strain on HVAC systems, which may increase the longevity of your furnace and central air conditioner.

Sprayed cork floors can lower your slip and fall liability.

Sprayed cork is often used on interior and exterior walls as an insulator, as well as on roofs. However, it can also be used on floors and exterior walkways. After a coat of primer, the sprayed cork can effectively adhere to nearly any walking surface. This material is slip-resistant, making it an excellent choice for business owners who want to reduce the risk of slip and fall lawsuits.

Customers appreciate eco-friendly businesses.

More than ever before, consumers are exercising extreme discretion about where they shop. It’s not uncommon for consumers to initiate a boycott of businesses that fail to meet their standards for social or environmental welfare. While this presents a challenge for business owners, it’s also an opportunity. Companies that proactively revamp their premises and operations to become more eco-friendly can capitalize on this by including their updates in marketing materials to consumers.

Sprayed cork is highly eco-friendly and it’s always sustainably sourced. All cork comes from cork oak trees, most of which grow in the Mediterranean region. They are carefully harvested by specially trained professionals. The harvesting process does not kill or harm the tree. In fact, harvesting helps the trees live longer. A harvested cork oak tree can live up to 300 years! Harvesting can be performed every nine years, when the bark has grown back. Each time the tree is harvested, the quality of the cork improves.

Fire-retardant building materials may lower insurance rates.

Structural fires are a nightmare for business owners. Not only must you cope with significant property damage and loss of inventory, but you’ll also have to deal with an interruption in your revenue stream as your business works to get back on its feet. Sprayed cork is a remarkable solution for commercial building owners because it offers superior fire resistance.

Cork is non-combustible. It does not propagate flames, and it does not release incandescent particles. In fact, sprayed cork is so fire-resistant that applying it to your building may allow you to qualify for a reduced property insurance rate. Policies among individual insurers may vary, so contact your carrier for more info.

Sprayed cork can reduce the risk of property damage due to water and mold.

Water damage and mold are major concerns for business owners and property managers. In this area, cork offers a distinct advantage. It’s not permeable to liquids, which means it’s completely waterproof. For evidence of this, just consider a cork wine stopper, which completely prevents wine from escaping the bottle.

A sprayed cork barrier on your walls and roof will keep moisture out. This has the added benefit of discouraging mold growth. Since cork is completely inhospitable to mold, you won’t have to worry about toxic mold making your customers or employees sick, or ruining your inventory.

Sprayed cork can help your existing roof last longer.

Sprayed cork can be applied directly to any roofing material, from shingles to metal. Not only does it add extra insulation when used as a roof coating, but it also actively protects the roof from damage. Cork is an elastic material. As such, it can recover its volume after being affected by micro-trauma, such as damage from hailstorms. Plus, when applied, sprayed cork fills in any existing cracks and gaps, preventing roof leaks and helping the roof last longer.

Experience the versatility and beauty of sprayed cork for yourself. ThermaShield’s premium line of sprayed cork wall and roof products can help your business reduce its overhead, improve its carbon footprint, and reduce the potentially devastating risks of fire, water, and mold damage. You can purchase ThermaShield’s sprayed cork products from anywhere in the U.S., and request professional application services in select areas of Arizona, California, and Texas. Contact us online or call (520) 600-8722.