Homes and commercial buildings are endlessly customizable. From the type of flooring to the color of the walls, every home should reflect the personality of the homeowner. However, building materials should do more than look aesthetically pleasing. They should also go the extra mile to protect the building, lower energy costs, and reduce the risk of property damage. Introducing ThermaShield—a revolutionary, cork-based product that accomplishes the dual goals of looking aesthetically appealing and providing superior function.

ThermaShield Products

ThermaShield products are made up of 80% cork, blended with eco-compatible resins that allow the product to be sprayed in a semi-dense form onto a building. It’s the same cork you’ll find in coasters and wine bottle stoppers. Cork is a natural product that is harvested in a sustainable way from the cork oak tree, which is native to the Mediterranean region. On the tree, cork acts as a protective barrier, helping these majestic trees live for several hundred years. After it’s applied to your home or business, cork provides the same natural barrier against the elements.

Waterproofing Properties

One of the benefits of ThermaShield products is their waterproofing abilities. Cork is naturally water repellent—this is the same reason why it makes an excellent wine stopper. You can test this by placing a single drop of water on the surface of cork. The water won’t absorb at all, and in fact, it will completely run off the surface. Because cork is naturally water repellent, it protects the home from water damage, mold growth, and harmful condensation.

Thermal Protection

One of the biggest reasons why so many homeowners and commercial property owners have made the switch to sprayed cork is for the energy savings. Sprayed cork is a uniquely effective and non-toxic insulator. Most insulators are harmful to the environment and to human health. Cork is perfectly safe for humans and pets, and it offers superior thermal protection—even when applied at a minimum thickness of just one to three millimeters.

You can apply sprayed cork to your roof, exterior walls, and interior walls for maximum thermal protection. You’ll enjoy lower heating and cooling costs, and you’ll feel confident knowing you are doing your part to protect the environment by lowering your carbon footprint.


Another benefit of sprayed cork products is their breathability. It may seem counterintuitive that this substance could be breathable, given its ability to repel water and inhibit thermal transfer. However, cork is indeed highly breathable. This is advantageous because a breathable material is one that inhibits the formation of condensation on the surface. This reduces the thermal stress on the cork and preserves its longevity. Another advantage of coating your building with a breathable material is that it boosts its thermal insulation.


ThermaShield products are elastomeric, thanks to the natural elasticity of cork and the added elasticity of the natural resin materials added to the cork. Elasticity refers to the capacity of a material to become stretched or deformed in response to pressure, and then to regain its original shape. As an example, think of bubblegum. If you chew a piece of gum and blow a bubble with it, the gum stretches to an incredible extent. When the bubble is popped and the gum is consolidated once again, it regains its original dimensions. Gum is highly elastic.

Elasticity is an important characteristic for building materials because of natural fluctuations in outdoor temperatures. No matter where you live, there will be hotter days and colder days. When the weather heats up, materials like sprayed cork tend to expand. When the weather cools down again, elastic materials will contract and revert back to their original shape. The benefit of coating your building with an elastic material is that it will not develop cracks as cycles of expansion and contraction occur.

Buildings also have a tendency to shift over time as their foundation settles. As a building shifts, cracks in the building materials may develop. Elastic materials like sprayed cork are able to move with the building to a certain extent, preventing premature damage.

Sound Absorption

Sound absorption isn’t only important for recording studios. It’s a good quality for any building to have, no matter where it’s located or what its purpose is. In an office building, better sound absorption may mean better concentration for employees despite distractions like loud meetings and phone calls. In a home, sound absorption is important for a family’s peace of mind.

Sprayed cork offers excellent sound absorption because it reflects sound waves and prevents them from spreading. ThermaShield products are particularly effective at mitigating high and medium frequencies. When applied to exterior walls and the roof, the sprayed cork can reduce the penetration of outdoor noises to the interior. Sprayed cork can also be applied to the interior walls to minimize sound transfer between rooms.

ThermaShield is proud to help homeowners and business owners protect their properties and lower their energy costs with cutting-edge cork products. Our custom cork coatings can be applied to a building’s walls, roof, and flooring to minimize thermal transfer and improve its carbon footprint, helping the property owner work toward a greener, brighter tomorrow. Our sprayed cork products are available for purchase from anywhere in the U.S., and our professional application services are available in select areas of Arizona, California, and Texas. Call (520) 600-8722 with your product inquiries.