Your roof is an essential part of the structure of your home or business. While it clearly provides you with cover from the elements, it also plays an important role in your building’s energy efficiency and helps to protect your property from damaging moisture and condensation issues. ThermaShield products make your existing roof better at all of these jobs, and they can be used on nearly any kind of roofing material, including:

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There are several benefits to using ThermaShield products for roofing. ThermaShield cork spray is perfect for fixing small cracks that could grow into larger problems if not corrected. It’s extremely lightweight, so it can be added to the roof without any structural concerns, and it provides a smooth, seamless finish.

One of the biggest advantages is the thermal insulating power of ThermaShield cork spray. It reduces the risk of damage associated with temperature fluctuations, and the reflective surface helps to reduce heat transfer. With the spray, you can significantly reduce energy loss, making your property more energy efficient and saving you money on energy costs.

The waterproof finish also prevents water infiltration into your home or business, reducing the chances of mold growth on walls and ceilings. However, cork is also breathable, so it will allow vapors to escape out of the property.

Protect your roof and extend the longevity of your property with sprayed cork from ThermaShield. Contact us today for your free quote.