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Why should you consider ThermaShield products for your home or business property?

This eco-friendly coating can make a dramatic difference to your carbon footprint as well as the comfort and longevity of your property. The low-density cork coating is light—88% of its volume is air—so it can be applied without putting too much pressure on your structure. Since cork is a natural insulator, it can keep your property cool in the summer and warm in the winter while reducing your energy costs.

ThermaShield products also provide dramatic acoustic insulation. If you’re tired of hearing traffic or your neighbors, imaging cutting noise by eight to 12 decibels, or more if you apply ThermaShield to more than one wall.

ThermaShield coating can be used internally and externally, and offers waterproof protection. It has anti-mold and anti-condensation properties, and is a valuable tool for extending the lifespan of your structure.

Reap the benefits of ThermaShield products for yourself. Request a quote from ThermaShield today to learn more about putting this cost-effective coating to use. Detail which parts of your property you’d like to have treated, and we’ll get in touch with all of the details you need.